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December 4, 2014 Published in Letters/Opinions

Computers: A Dying Breed

Opinion: Alyssa Bianco

Picture this: smartphones are no longer being sold. (Yeah, right, I know. But just use your imagination). Can you imagine what kind of epidemic we would have? I mean seriously, imagine what some people would do if they could no longer buy a smartphone. Then again, that’s America for you. People can’t live without them. Smartphones have become so popular that they are now beginning to wipe out the entire computer population. We don’t care about computers anymore; I mean why would we when we can basically do everything on these tiny hand-held devices.

Looking back, computers used to be pretty cool. I mean beside watching TV, or making phone calls, that was the next best thing—to surf the web, or play games, or talk to your friends via Instant Messenger on the computer. And don’t get me wrong, they can still do all of that, but they just aren't as cool as they used to be. Plain and simple, we can do all of those things, plus hundreds more, on our smartphones. We can use the internet, we can play games with the thousands of apps available, and we can text our friends. The list goes on and on. The real question is, who wouldn't want to use this fancy device over an ancient computer? And the majority of us can easily state that obvious answer: basically no one.

But okay, let’s pause for a minute. I know what you’re thinking. There has to be some people who would choose the computer over the smartphone. Well, yes, of course. We still have the old geezers and the old fashioned people (no offense to you guys), who like to do everything the old fashioned way, but the rest of us are in full agreement, about what we really need to focus on: There just really is no need for computers anymore, and America is quickly realizing that. As this selection of old fashioned people are continuing to get older, the development and advancements of this worlds technology (aka the smartphone) is continuously getting bigger and better. They may still be using the older technology, but the younger generations certainly are not.

Not only is it just obvious, but as shown from a graph in the Business Insider, the amount of smartphones that are in use compared to the amount of computers that are in use is significantly higher. Are computers still in the homes of the people who bought them decades ago? Most likely. But, are they actually being used to their full potential? Most likely not. Again, something that the average, intelligent person can realize.

On another note, you may argue, saying that computers still have certain aspects that many people may choose over the smartphone... Let’s use the bigger screen for example. Sure, personal computers have bigger screens, but have you seen the advanced ‘Magnify’ options on these smartphones. You can make your screen and font size as big as Uranus! So enough with the excuses people, personal computers are dying out whether we like it or not. Majority rules, and America has decided.

Overall, it’s just common sense, ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost like asking yourself, why drive a 1995 Honda Civic when you can have a 2015 Mercedes Benz? You just wouldn't do it. You’d always choose the Mercedes Benz, just as the average American would choose the smartphone over the personal computer— nine out of ten times (don’t forget about that 1 old-fashioned geezer). Sure, it may be a little sad that one of the devices that used to be our go-to for entertainment or communication is now a dying breed, but let’s be real, times have changed. And they certainly have for the, once-super-cool-device-but-now-just-a-dust-collector computer. So say hello to smartphones taking over, and goodbye to personal computers… You won’t be missed!

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