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December 19, 2014 Published in Traffic & Transportation

Discounted Holiday Parking Begins Friday At Dulles

(Courtesy Photo)

(Courtesy Photo)

Travelers flying from Washington Dulles International Airport can enjoy ultra-convenient parking at the Main Terminal for 50% off the daily rate on all stays beginning any time from Dec. 19, 2014, through Jan.5, 2015. The discount results in a $17 per day rate, which is the same as the daily rate in the airport’s two parking garages. No coupon is required.

To accommodate the expected additional customers, a portion of the Terminal parking lot is sectioned off as “Holiday Discount Parking.” Customers taking advantage of this special offer should enter through specially designated gates next to the Terminal/Hourly parking entrance. More than 900 parking spaces, just steps from the terminal, have been set aside.

Customers using Terminal/Hourly parking for pick-ups and drop-offs still have access to more than 1,000 parking spaces next to the terminal priced at $5 per hour or $35 per day. Valet parking customers should continue using the Hourly parking entrance to access the Valet service center.

The airport elected to make the close-in parking available for reduced rates as an added convenience for passengers—especially those who may be traveling with extra luggage to their holiday destination. With more than 24,000 total parking spaces in lots and garages around the airport, Dulles has ample parking to accommodate all of its customers.

The special $17 per day rate will be honored for all customers who use the Holiday Discount Parking entrance through Jan. 5, 2015—even if they exit the lot on a later date. When the promotion ends, Holiday Discount signage will be removed from the entrance, and the lot will return to the posted rate of $5 per hour / $35 per day.

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