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FBI Shares Information On Regional Bank Robberies

law enforcement badgesOn Nov. 19, 2014, the FBI Washington Field Office and local law enforcement issued a joint press release, which noted a distinct increase in the number of bank robberies committed during the month of December based on FBI analysis.  In follow up, the FBI Washington Field Office is sharing information on 13 robberies that have occurred in Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia since Oct. 31, 2014.

All wanted bank robbers are featured on the FBI’s bank robbery website.  The first two wanted posters below are of serial bank robbers who struck on the dates indicated.

Dec. 12 and Nov. 20  in Alexandria, Va.; Dec. 1 and Nov. 14 in Annandale, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-11-20.8481217874

Dec. 10 in Alexandria, Va.; Dec. 4 in Washington, D.C.; Nov. 10 in Arlington, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-11-13.0137946374

Dec. 10, in Reston, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-12-11.3851958180

Dec. 8, in Falls Church, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-12-08.4958290613

Dec. 6, in Arlington, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-12-08.0882079938

Dec. 5, in McLean, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-12-08.3002779361

Nov. 26 in Reston, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-11-28.5811845997

Nov. 24 in Sterling, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-11-25.4514135186

Oct. 31 in Sterling, Va.: https://bankrobbers.fbi.gov/robbers-container/2014-10-31.0530948831