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June 27, 2014 Published in Arts & Style, Other News

FeelFree Begins Summer With Fish Market Show

By Carla Branch

FeelFree will be kicking off summer tour at The Fish Market Saturday night. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan; Graphics: Garrett Clausen)

FeelFree will be kicking off summer tour at The Fish Market Saturday night. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan; Graphics: Garrett Clausen)

They began playing music together when they were in middle school in Alexandria and now the members of FeelFree are home with college degrees and want to see if their passion can pay the bills. FeelFree will begin the summer with a show at the Fish Market on King Street on Saturday, June 28, beginning at 10:00 p.m. There is no cover charge.

FeelFree, the self-described “funk, reggae, rock” band is comprised of Evan Hulehan (guitar, vocals, songwriting); Andrew Pfeiffer (guitar, vocals, trombone, songwriting); Bryan Frank (drums) Garrett Clausen (bass, vocals); Colin Cantfil (trumpet); and new addition Davey Hoen (keyboard). The group has played together and in separate groups sice they were young.

“We finally started taking our music really serious after our freshman year in college,” Hulehan said. “That’s when we decided that we were really going to try and make the band work and we dedicated as much time to our music and to practicing as we could.”

Hulehan, Pfeiffer and Clausen all have degrees in music: Hulehan, University of Colorado at Denver (2014); Pfeiffer, Wesleyan College (2013); and Clausen, University of Miami (2014). Frank has a degree from Old Dominion University in business (2014) and Hoen has a degree in economics from George Mason University (2013).

“Our music has really evolved as we have grown,” Pfeiffer said. “Going through college, we have gotten technically better and the breadth of the music we have been exposed to has really influenced our music. If you listen to our first CD and to the one we recorded last summer, you can see how much we have grown. Evan has really grown in his ability to mix our music. We are really ready to make this work.”

The band did a short tour last summer and has already booked nine shows this summer. “Most of them are local venues except the University of Miami in September,” Pfeiffer said. “We are trying to book shows either on the way down to Miami and/or on the way back home. We have also been aopproached by an agent in Los Angeles who said we should call him if we are going to be on the West Coast.

“We love Alexandria and love the support we get from everyone here but we want to be  more than just an Alexandria gem; we want to make a national name,” Pfeiffer said.

FeelFree fans will see some differences in the band composition and music this summer. “We decided to add a fulltime keyboard player because we think that will enhance our music,” Hulehan said.

Hoen is the newest member. “I’ve been taking piano lessons since I was five and have played in a number of bands,” he said. “I have a lot of musical influences but I have to say that Hall and Oates are the best rock duo ever.”

Both Hulehan and Pfeiffer said they have been influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan. “Lots of others, too, such as Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and, locally, SOJA,” Hulehan said. “You can hear a lot of jazz and reggae, funk, blues and rock. Our music has so many influences that it really is hard to categorize.”

Pfeiffer has been influenced by R&B. “I really like Sam Cook and Bill Withers,” he said. “I grew up listening to The Temptations and believe that that sound has influenced by vocals.”

One of the new wrinkles is the horn section. “I started playing the trombone and we are trying to improve our horn section and really emphasize it in our music,” Pfeiffer said. “We are very excited about that new dimension.”

The band has three or four new songs, which they will introduce at tomorrow night’s gig. “We want to get back into the studio to record another CD but right now we are just trying to raise money for our fall tour. We are very excited,” Pfeiffer said.

To keep up with where FeelFree is playing and what’s going on with the band, visit their Facebook page: FeelFree703.

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