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September 30, 2014 Published in Top Stories

It’s Official: Alexandria is a Fair Trade Town!

On September 9, the Alexandria City Council passed Resolution # 2639, which declares Alexandria, Virginia to be a Fair Trade Town.

The resolution reads, in part, “Whereas the City of Alexandria has the opportunity to present a model of social responsibility for other towns and cities to follow throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and these United States … encourages City Council to designate the city of Alexandria as a Fair Trade Town.”

The Council also adopted language governing its own actions: “Be it resolved … to establish a policy to consider purchasing local and Fair Trade products when procuring goods for the City in so far as such goods are readily available and comparably priced… .”

“The designation is a wonderful validation of a two-year effort by the fair trade town working group, Fair Trade Alexandria, a truly dedicated and hardworking group of citizens and business leaders,” said Kate McMahon, Executive Director of Ten Thousand Villages National Capital Area. “Special thanks must go to co-founder of Fair Trade Alexandria, Ariel Bramble, who always kept us focused and on task,” she said.

“The Alexandria Convention and Visitors’ Center has already contacted us for advice on carrying fair trade items,” she said. “This designation and its enthusiastic adoption by City leaders demonstrate how far fair trade has come in just a short time,” she continued. “Only a few years ago the term was hardly known outside a small circle. Now, fair trade is as important to conscientious shoppers as ‘organic’ or ‘sustainable.’ Alexandrians can be proud that their global social responsibility has made this designation possible.”

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