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October 27, 2014 Published in Letters/Opinions

Mark Warner: It’s Time For You To Go

Dear Sirs;

Two Sheriff's Deputies were shot and killed in California this past Friday. The man who committed those murders was an illegal alien who had already been deported twice. Those murders are a direct result of Barack Obama's open border policy. He allows murderers & terrorists to freely stalk our neighborhoods. He releases illegals convicted of felonies from prison onto our streets. He relocates illegals known to be diseased into our communities and our schools. The President says our borders are secure. That's a lie. He says there's not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS. Another lie. Keep my doctor? Keep my insurance? He is a known and prolific liar. The only truth I've heard him say lately was on the Al Sharpton radio show when he told the truth to a select audience saying incumbent Democrats were all supporters of him and his policies. Incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Warner is one of those supporters. He wants to make this election about "local" issues. But it's not. This election is about Mark Warner being able to continue helping Barack Obama complete his fundamental transformation of America. The rest of what Mr. Warner says is distraction. He says he wants to help veterans and "fix" the VA. He's been a sitting US Senator for 6 years. What's he been doing? He also wants to fix ObamaCare. I guess he, like Nancy Pelosi, failed to read the legislation prior to his vote to pass it. So he forced a disastrous piece of legislation down our throats and now he runs for reelection on the promise to fix it? No. This cannot be allowed. The People of Virginia must take a stand against corruption. We must recognize the lies for what they are. We must realize that Mark Warner is not a friend to us. He is a loyal and ardent supporter of Barack Obama and his policies. He has a 6 year record of supporting and enabling dishonesty, incompetence and failure at the highest levels of our government. It's time for him to go.

William Lewis Paxton Jr.

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