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June 30, 2014 Published in Courts & Crime, Other News

New Police Officers And Deputy Sheriffs Graduate From Criminal Justice Academy


Photo:  (front, l-r) Amanda Keeton, Michael Vaccaro, Jansen Adkins, Bryson Norris, Nimol Phorn, Ashley Tremble, Katelyn Treylino, Jeffrey Halaut, Timothy Wauhop. (back, l-r) Patrick Monaghan, Frank Merritt, Kevin Webb, Patrick Kunz, Kasia Bryant, Dylan Lemley, Andrew Brunsting, Dorian Shelley, Marko Nikolic (Courtesy photo)

Thirteen Alexandria police officers and five Alexandria deputy sheriffs graduated from Session 130 of the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy on Thursday, June 26. Command and training staff from both agencies attended the graduation ceremony at Dominion High School in Sterling. The new law enforcement officers successfully completed 24 weeks of training including emergency vehicle operations, firearms training, defensive tactics, crash investigation, basic legal training and other important areas, and the deputies completed four additional weeks of training in jail and courthouse procedures.

The police officer graduates are Jansen Adkins, Kasia Bryant, Amanda Keeton, Patrick Kunz, Dylan Lemley, Frank Merritt, Patrick Monaghan, Bryson Norris, Nimol Phorn, Ashley Tremble, Katelyn Treylino, Michael Vaccaro and Kevin Webb. The deputy graduates are Andrew Brunsting, Jeffrey Halaut, Marko Nikolic, Dorian Shelley and Timothy Wauhop.

Alexandria members of Session 130 distinguished themselves with Deputy Timothy Wauhop earning top honors in emergency vehicle operations and third place in academic achievement in during deputy school and Officer Bryson Norris finishing second in firearms proficiency.


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