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May 5, 2014 Published in Rants

Old Town Trolley

Ranter: Bruce Phillips

Having enjoyed another day out as a local tourist on King Street, the lack of imagination of city planners still amazes me.  Although the density of business along King Street and the location of the Metro station clearly show the need for an environmentally friendly public transport mode, what exist is pretty unimaginative.  Instead of a real tram or trolley, which is non-polluting and actually adds character to the area, we have a "pretend trolley" that is actually just a bus. As anyone who has ever traveled to Europe (or even New Orleans or San Francisco) would know, a real trolley has a lot more to offer than a fake one.

I would add perhaps making King Street one way for vehicle traffic and giving a lane over to trams which could circle back on a parallel street would not take too much imagination.  Closing the lower part of King Street by the river and just making it a pedestrian only mall would also make available a lot of useful space for outdoor dining. Historic style trolleys would actually be a great attraction to the area and attract volunteers to maintain them.  Something to think about while sitting on the fake trolley bus...

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