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November 23, 2014 Published in Non-Profits

Power Women Event Supports Scholarship Fund Of Alexandria

The gracious salon of Brooke and Christopher Curran provided the backdrop for the annual Power Women Event for the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Thursday, Nov.  13. The cozy and lively event attended by 30 community leaders culminated the SFA Fall Fund Drive for need-based scholarships. In addition to the Currans, the event was hosted by Lisa Medley as well as Cindy Anderson, Marcia Call, Laura Cassidy, Alex Crawford-Batt, Amanda Chandler, Pam DeCandio, Brooke Curran, Albie Dickson, Molly Fitzgerald, Alesia Frerichs, Lynn Hampton, Grace Lawson, Tina Lytle, Laurie MacNamara, Paula Rutherford, Elizabeth Schneider, Melissa Schultz, Patricia Scroggs, Rosie Wiedemer, and Erin White

Gathered in front of the fireplace, speakers emphasized the transformative power of scholarships and the high priority given to education by the Alexandria community. Scholarship recipient and T.C. graduate Emily Haitsuka explained, “It meant so much to me knowing the community was behind me and was supporting my goals.” According to Cindy Anderson, SFA Board Chair and T.C. alumna, “A scholarship changed my life. I support the Scholarship Fund, so others have similar opportunities.” In addition to the program, guests enjoyed seasonal mini-soups and canapés generously provided by Mindy’s Catering of Georgetown, co-owned by ACPS parent Erin White.

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