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December 15, 2014 Published in Health & Fitness, Top Stories

Teen Gears Up After DOJ Responds To Gay Blood Ban Lawsuit

The Food and Drug Administration filed a response to Plaintiff, Caleb Laieski's lawsuit against their current lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men from donating blood. The DOJ, who is representing the FDA, has requested that the court dismiss the case, as they are "currently reevaluating its MSM deferral policy based on current science and plans to determine whether and how to revise the policy in the coming year."

Where Laieski is not a lawyer, he is a dedicated 19 year-old advocate that works in public safety and is dedicated to saving others lives. Laieski has no intentions of backing down until the gay blood ban is completely lifted and gay/bisexual men are no longer singled out by this policy. Laieski says, "Not only is this ban singling out gay and bisexual men, but it is preventing thousands of recipients in need of blood from getting the help they need and deserve." Laieski continues to say "As the FDA clearly states, their testing is 'highly accurate,' which continues to prove that their policy is not only discriminatory but overall is not science-based."

To view the original complaint and lawsuit, go to:

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