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November 26, 2014 Published in Editorials

Thanksgiving Bonus

In general, Alexandrians have a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. Last week another reason was added to the list. The national online research group, Value Penguin, released a study of the safest cities in the United States for women.

Value Penguin assessed some 285 cities with more than 100,000 population using data from the FBI uniform crime reports, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Violence Policy Center. When the dust cleared, Alexandria was named sixth safest city for women overall.

Ranking sixth out of 285 is quite an accomplishment. We are accustomed to being told how safe we are in Alexandria but to have it reinforced by a completely independent research organization is pretty special.

As we sit around the table on Thursday we should take a moment to reflect and to thank those in our community who work so hard to keep our women, men and children safe. Our police, paramedics, firefighters and sheriff’s deputies should figure in our thoughts. We are so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of their dedication.

We at wish every one of our City’s citizens a safe, secure and happy holiday season to come.

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