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July 31, 2014 Published in Choice 2014, Top Stories

Virginia Department Of Elections Moves To Correct Mail Error

By Carla Branch

Your Vote CountsThe Virginia Department of Elections notified election officials around the Commonwealth earlier this week that they sent a “What’s Your Status” mailing to at least 125,000 Virginians in error. The mailing should have been sent to Virginia voters who changed their mailing addresses with the Department of Motor Vehicles stating they had left Virginia. The 125,000 people who received this mailing erroneously may have moved within Virginia.

Virginia Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortes released the following statement to reassure voters and to describe measures that will be taken to correct the error. “As part of our on-going efforts to ensure that the Commonwealth's voter registration records are accurate, the Virginia Department of Elections routinely receives information for voters who may have changed their address. To help voters update their registration, ELECT mailed letters to voters requesting that they review and update their information. Unfortunately, up to 125,000 voters erroneously received a letter indicating they had moved out of state, when in fact they may have moved within the state. We are working quickly to remedy this mistake with a new mailing to the impacted voters.

“No voter has been or will be removed from the rolls based simply on receiving this letter. Any voter who received this letter needs to verify their voter registration address by visiting our website ( and/or contacting their local general registrar. ELECT will send a follow-up mailing to the impacted voters to explain the error, provide instructions for verifying their current registration information, and reassure them that their voter registration has not been canceled.

“The Department of Elections remains committed to promoting and supporting accurate, fair, open, and secure elections for the citizens of the Commonwealth,” said Edgardo Cortés.

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