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October 17, 2014 Published in Other News, Traffic & Transportation

Virginia Joins 12 Other States With Sub $3 Per Gallon Gas

Gas prices have been sinking quite nicely across the country and in the Commonwealth. Drivers in Virginia and 12 other states (Missouri, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Minnesota, Mississippi, Kansas, Alabama, New Jersey, Arkansas, Texas and Delaware) are paying an average price below three dollars per gallon to refuel their vehicles with three additional states (Iowa, New Mexico and Louisiana) posting prices within a nickel of this mark.

“Gas prices have been on the downward trend since late June and now sinking gas prices are below $3 per gallon in Virginia,” said Jeanette Tejeda de Gomez, Public Affairs Specialist for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “Even in Washington, D.C. where gas prices are generally much higher, some stations have already hit the $3 mark. As of Thursday, the average price for a gallon of regular in Washington, D.C. proper is $3.41, which is down 54 cents per gallon since the high of $3.94 on July 8. Motorists are saving over $8 per fill-up since the summer gas price high mark.”

Thursday, 10/16/2014 Wednesday, 10/15/2014 Last Month Last Year
National $3.16 Down 2 cents $3.38 $3.36
Virginia $2.98 Down 1 cent $3.14 $3.16
DC Metro $3.16 Down 1 cent $3.32 $3.33
DC Only $3.41 Down 3 cents $3.58 $3.50
Maryland $3.14 Down 2 cents $3.35 $3.32

Gas prices have been on the decline for a number of reasons. Supplies are plentiful due to a lack of hurricane activity, uninterrupted refinery productions, lower demand and the switch over from the more expensive summer blend of gasoline to the more affordable winter blend of gasoline. AAA expects gas prices to continue to drop throughout the end of October and perhaps through the end of the year barring any unforeseen circumstance that could impact supplies.

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