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November 5, 2014 Published in Choice 2014, Other News

Warner Declares Victory; Gillespie Waits


By Carla Branch and Mike Stankiewicz

16,808 votes separate incumbent DemocraticSenateCityResults Senator Mark Warner from Republican challenger Ed Gillespie as Virginia election officials began their canvasses. Warner delivered a victory speech late last night to supporters in Crystal City but Gillespie will not concede defeat until the canvasses are complete.

Statewide, Warner received 1,067,342 votes while Gillespie got 1,050,534 votes. Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis garnered 53,963 votes. This translates to 49.12% for Warner, 48.34% for Gillespie and 2.46% for Sarvis. Virginia does not allow for automatic recounts; the losing candidate must request one. If the winner and the loser are separated by 0.5% or fewer votes, the taxpayers of the Commonwealth fund the recount. If they are separated by anything over 0.5%, the losing candidate must pay for the recount.

In declaring victory, Warner congratulated Gillespie on running a competitive race and wished him well. Then he spoke about the message voters sent to candidates and his plans for the upcoming legislative agenda.


“The thing we see all across the country is they are tired of politics as usual,” Warner said.

“The people of American want us to move past sound bites, past political bickering out of political gridlock and actually governor.

“Neither party has a monopoly on truth, the commitment I made to you is I’ll go back to Washington and have recognized that we need to find that common ground. I’ll work with anyone, democrat or republican to make sure we get our country’s problems fixed.

“And that’s gonna require us to pass a budget so we don’t go back to the stupidity of sequestration, to pass a transportation bill so we can fix our roads and bridges and infrastructure, to make sure we reform our tax structure to incent our job makers to bring their jobs back home, to make sure that young people aren’t crushed by student debt,” Warner said.

Virginia voters also considered amending the Commonwealth’s Constitution to exempt spouses of military personnel who are killed in action from property taxes on a primary residence. Statewide, the measure passed 87.1% to 12.9%; 1,827,691 to 271,308.

Alexandria At The Polls

Unlike much of the rest of the country, SenateStateResultsAlexandria voters turned out to support Democrats. Warner and Beyer live in the City. Warner won Alexandria with 29,008 votes, which is 70.12% of the votes cast in the U.S. Senate race in Alexandria. Gillespie got 11,456 votes or 27.69% of votes cast. Sarvis had 859 votes or 2.08% of those cast.

Beyer earned 66.32% or 27,317 votes in Alexandria. Micah Edmond, the Republican candidate got 11,536 votes or 28.01% of those cast. Independent candidate Gwendolyn Beck got 2.98% or 1,227 votes; Jeffrey Carson, the Libertarian candidate received 839 votes or 2.04%8thDistrictCity of the votes cast and Jerry Blais, the Independent Green candidate received 157 votes or 0.38% of the votes cast in Alexandria in this race.

Voter turnout in Alexandria was close to what election officials predicted; nearly 50%. There were few problems with the new photo ID requirement and only a few provisional ballots cast because voters did not have an ID. More provisional ballots were cast because of address changes.

Alexandria’s Electoral Board is conducting the vote canvas this morning and official results will be available when that is complete.


















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