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Waste And Recycling Hauler Educates Local At-Risk Kids

Alexandria children learn about the importance of recycling  from American Disposal Services staff (Courtesy Photo)

Alexandria children learn about the importance of recycling from American Disposal Services staff (Courtesy Photo)

American Disposal Services Partners with Community Lodgings to Educate At Risk Children

American Disposal Services recently launched a month-long recycling education and outreach workshop with at-risk children of transitioning families in Alexandria. American’s communication and community outreach department was inspired by the After School Program held at Brent Place apartments and run by Community Lodgings, a small, local charity organization.  Community Lodgings runs the charitable initiative which is assisted by AmeriCorps staff. Through the program, children grades 1-12 are educated and mentored on how to manage their time and excel at their studies, as well as make safe, healthy and ethical life choices.

Representatives of American visited Brent Place on Oct. 2 to educate the children on recycling and inspire them to recycle more at home. The kids were asked to decorate brown paper bags and use them at home to collect recyclable items throughout the month. Cardboard recycling boxes were also donated for use on each floor of the building.

“We seize every opportunity to provide hands-on education related to waste and recycling practices. Our aim is to get younger generations excited to change the way waste is currently disposed of at home”. Alyssa Peltier, American Disposal Services’ Communications Director said. “We hope that by empowering our young people to understand and enjoy recycling, they will in turn, inspire other family member's to participate.

The children remained excited and committed to the project throughout the month and some even requested large recycling boxes to keep in their homes.

“The education presentation from American Disposal helped the kids to better understand why it is so important to recycle” .Deborah Hardy, Program Coordinator for Community Lodgings and facilitator of the Brent Place After School program said. “Decorating the bags and collecting at home gave them responsibility and an individual involvement with the process of creating a more sustainable planet. Knowing that they were each making a difference is what got them really excited, and we think that feeling will continue”.

At the conclusion of the workshop, American representatives returned with pizzas and American Disposal Recycling coloring books to host a party celebrating their recycling efforts and success.